Welcome to my world

Come on in, the water’s fine.  High water that is!  I’m a 6 foot tall female….okay, okay maybe 5′ 11 1/2″ or close, but let’s just round it up.  Hopefully gravity will be kind to me over the years.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my height!  Need to look over a crowd to find the signs for the bathroom?  Well I can help. Need something off the top hook or top shelf?  I’m your lady.  Most of the time my height is just part of me, but there are times I wish the rest of the world would conform more to MY world!

KHAKI WORK PANTS – need I say more?  Tall women unite!  NOBODY…NOBODY seems to make a casual khaki pant that maintains its length for us.  Oh yes, I was taken in my the lovely, smooth khaki pants from Merona sold at Target, but seriously, over the year the hem seems to be creeping up on me until I’m fearing a high water flood!  UGH!

I’m scarred since childhood with the thought of high water pants!  Made fun of by others for my extremely skinny, knobby-kneed legs and my too short pants, I can’t go a day without trying to tug down on the legs to make them longer.  Heaven to me is a place where all pant have inseams from 34-38 inches long!

LONG LEGS, LONG WAIST – Yes, that’s me…both.  Some women have one of these things. I have both.  There is literally almost no clothing manufacturer who can take care of those two things at once for a 50+ aged woman.  Seriously?  I KNOW there are a lot of us out there!  I walked through downtown Chicago two weeks ago thinking about stalking tall women to ask where they bought their pants.  Then I begin dividing them into two categories: Long Legs and Long Waists.  If I’m lucky, I find a “double-checker”..someone who is long-legged and long-waisted!  I need their secrets.

In the meantime, please don’t mention my pant hems.  I’ve lengthened my hems in pants. Mymother